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Circuit Management

With KADENCE Circuit Management, you can manage special circuits revenue quickly, easily and more efficiently than ever before.Learn More


CABS by KADENCE provides industry leading accuracy, flexibility and implementation expertise to simplify carrier billing and maximize revenue.Learn More


Mediation by KADENCE helps your company increase profit and regain control of your switched usage revenue assurance processes.Learn More

Wholesale Billing

Wholesale Billing by KADENCE equips tandem and backhaul providers with a customized and robust billing platform.Learn More

What Customers Say

I always enjoyed working with the team at [KADENCE]. Everybody was professional, friendly and did what they promised to do.
Kevin Pack, Accounting & Transition Manager, Megagate
[KADENCE] has been a trusted business partner since 2006. [KADENCE]‘s integrity and experience allow them to provide value where their competitors can’t.
Corey Jensen, Operations Manager, Vision Net
Initially, we chose CABS [by KADENCE] for the intuitive interface, but we continue to use it because of the responsiveness of [KADENCE]‘s staff and because it makes consistently accurate carrier billing achievable by the common man.
Tim Smoak, Director of Interconnection Services, Comporium